How to experience The Power Of Unlimited Leveraged Income.

We have to ask for a simple explanation

about what constitutes

leveraged income.

In Habits For Wellbeing,


it is said


there are three types of income.

Earned income

generated by working and sometimes

referred to as linear income.

Leveraged income

where you do the work


get paid repeatedly.

Passive income

where you receive income from assets

you have created or purchased.

Affiliate marketing

can be a great example of both

passive and leveraged


You create or purchase a product which

you sell over and over again

to result in passive income

because the work was done once but

each of your sales

results in further income.

If however

the product has resale rights

or is part of an affiliate arrangement

it may work like this:

you sell the product and get paid a commission

and when that purchaser sells the product

he gets paid a commission

and you also get paid a commission.

Every time the product changes hands

the commission also changes hands


both the seller,

the referee and the referee's referee, etc.

This is so powerful

when it comes to wealth building.

Do the work once but get paid over and over

and leveraged by the descending levels.

This results

in the possibility of

unlimited leveraged income.


the understanding and magnitude

of this

will help affiliates

maintain their motivation and focus

through the difficult times.

This is part of the day 11 training

in Virtual wealth System

Leveraged Income -

Earn From the Efforts of Others.

It is worth listening to Alonzo Brown


he passes on his excitement about


leveraged income potential.

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How to experience The Power Of Unlimited Leveraged Income.
Published on 10/10/2018
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